Work on something meaningful.

Design it for growth.

Seed the loops.


It has to be meaningful, for everyone. Not only for the users, but also for the designers, marketers, and engineers that work on it. Maybe we’re building it to explore new technologies and opportunities, or maybe it's just something that makes sense for the team to build. 

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Designed to be viral, our apps have been used by millions. Sometimes we would succeed, and sometimes we wouldn't. Designing for growth doesn't guarantee you'll systematically reach the Top Charts of the App Store, but by not doing so you can be pretty sure you won't be reaching them.

Check the process with which we acquired more than 4,000,000 users.

Our formula is simple. If we've built something meaningful for users, and we'd designed it for growth from the get-go, all it takes next is getting the first thousand users. We do this with influencer marketing.

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We've been doing this for years. Whether it be working on a new feature for an existing app, or building a brand new one altogether, designing for growth is what we've become best at.

This is our latest app, with which we're hoping to get to the Top 10 charts.